AO 1991

DA-AO38 / DOH-AO114-B, S-1991 - Transitional Remedial Labelling in Compliance with R.A. 6675
DA-AO39 / DOH-AO111-B, S-1991 - Rules and Regulations to Implement Prescribing Requirements for the Veterinary Drugs and Products
DA-AO33 / DOH-AO111-A, S-1991 - Rules and Regulations on Registration of Veterinary Drugs and Products
DA-AO11 / DOH-AO105, S-1991 - Requirement for Labelling Materials of Veterinary Drugs and Products
AO25, S-1991 - Registration and Licensing of Veterinary Drug and Product Premixes and Water Solubles and the Corresponding Manufacturers, Importers, Suppliers, Distributors and Retailers of said Products with the Animal Feeds Standard