Laboratory Testing/Analysis for Animal Disease Diagnosis

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Frontline Service Laboratory Testing/Analysis for Animal Disease Diagnosis
Clients: Non-Government – farm owners (backyard/commercial), livestock and poultry producers, feed/drug manufacturers, companion   animal owners/handlers, any private individual, etc.
  Government – veterinarians from the Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Units, Local Government Units, quarantine personnel, etc.
Requirements: Gross Pathology Live or dead animals not more than 6 hours from time of death; at least 3-5 specimens


Histopathology freshly cut tissue samples (not frozen), 5mm thick, and fixed in 10% formalin
Rabies Examination dog’s head
Whole blood samples chilled but not frozen and placed in anti-coagulant filled tubes; at least 5 ml.
Serum samples separated from clotted blood and transferred to clean vials or test tubes; at least 1 ml.
Tissues/organs for Bacteriological, Antibiotic Sensitivity and Virological Tests freshly packed in separate and individual sterile containers, at least 16 gms with lesions, intestinal segments ligated on both ends, and with coolant or ice packs.
Water sample freshly collected 500 ml to 1 liter sample and submitted on Mondays and Tuesdays only.
Swabs packed individually in sterile containers (transport media) with coolant or packed ice
Feed samples 500 gms.
Fecal samples placed in individual plastic containers
Blood Parasite Examination anticoagulant-filled blood samples or slide smears fixed in methanol
 Schedule of Availability of Service:   Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM   
 Fees:   See attached 
 Total/Maximum Duration of Process:    Duration of Process 
     A. PATHOLOGY    1-2 working days 
       1. Postmortem examination (Necropsy)  
           2. Histopathology  5-7 working days
      3. Clinical Pathology 1 day 
      4. Urinalysis 1 day 
     B. VIROLOGY     
       1. Viral Isolation     
                 a. Tissue Culture 14-21 working days 
         b. Egg Inoculation 14-21 working days 
        c. Antigen detection 3 working days 
         d. Immunofluorescence Assay(IFA) 3 working days 
      2. Serology     
          a. Agar Gel Precipitation Test (AGPT)  2-3 working days
        b. Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)     
             i. Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) 2 weeks  
           ii. Caprine Arthritis Encephalitits (CAE) 5 working days  
             iii. Hemagglutination -Hemagglutination/Inhibition (HA-HI) Test 1-2 working days  
              iv. Virus/Serum Neutralization Test (VNT/SN ) 4 working days  
      3. Rabies Examination      
        a. Direct and Fluorescent Microscopic Examination (DME and FAT)   1-2 working days 
        b. Mouse Inoculation Test (MIT)   21 working days 
      4. Molecular Techniques (Real-time PCR)  2-4 working days 
     C.   BACTERIOLOGY    

   1. Antibiotic sensitivity Test

 5-7 working days
       2. Bacterial isolation & Identification  5-7 working days 
       3. Bacterial typing (Hemophilus spp.)   3-7 working day 
       4. Water coliform count   3-7 working day 
       5. Fungal isolation and Identification   2-3 weks 
       6. Bacterial count   1-3 working days 
       7. Microbial assay (Antibiotic residue)   2 weeks 
       8. Pathogenicity Test   2 weeks 
       9. Salmonella Isolation in feeds   5-7 working days 
     10. Serology    

      a. Rapid Plate Test (RPT)

 1-2 working days 
          b. Tube Agglutination Test   2-3 working days 
          c. Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)   3 working days 
          d. Fluorescence Antibody Test (FAT)   5-7 days 
       1. Blood Parasite Examination (BPE)    
          a. Direct Smear   1 day 
          b. Stained smear   1-3 working days 
          c. Concentration Method   1 day 
          d. Mouse Inoculation Test (MIT)   14-21 working days 
       2. Fecalysis    
          a. Qualitative/Quantitative   1 day 
          b. Larval Culture   14-21 working days 
       3. Serology    
          a. Card Agglutination Test (Trypanosomes/Anaplasma)   1-2 wd 
          b. Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)   3-4 wd 
       4. Identification of Parasites   1-5 wd 
       5. Skin scraping   1 day 
       1. Aflatoxin analysis  2-5 wd
       2. Toxicological Examination  2-5 wd
       3. Toxicity Test  21 days
 How to Avail of the Service:    
 1  Fill-up Request / Submission Form  Guide and answer queries from clients  Receiving/Releasing  Clerk
Technical Staff
 Receiving/Releasing Section, PAHC  5 - 10 mins.
 2  Submit accomplished Form  Verify correctness of entries on Form and check samples (as to quantity & quality, etc.)  - do -  - do -  3-5 mins. (ave)
10-15 mins. (50->100 samples)
 3    Assign Lab. No. and record pertinent data into the logbook  Receiving/Releasing  Clerk  - do -  5-10 mins.
 4    Interview clients for additional information (Rabies, Pathology, etc.)  Veterinarian (on call)  - do -  10 mins.
 5    Bring samples to respective laboratories for bai/analysis  Receiving/Releasing  Clerk  - do -  5 mins.
 6  Client is requested to call if results are available for release  Conduct laboratory bai/analysis for samples submitted      
 7    Prepare Laboratory Report/s  Technical Staff  - do -  5-15 mins.
 8  Get Laboratory Test Result  Sign Official  Laboratory Report/s  Examiner/Section Head/PAHC Head  - do -  5 mins.
 9  Get Bill of Statement and bring to Accounting Section  Issue Bill of Statement  Disbursing Officer - do -  5 mins.
 10  Get Order of Payment Issue Order of Payment  Accounting Section, BAI  Research Division Bldg., G/F  5 mins.
 11  Pay dues  Issue Official Receipt (OR)  Cashier, BAI  - do -  5 mins.
 12 Present Official Receipt (OR) Record OR No. to duplicate copy of Laboratory Report/s Receiving/Releasing  Clerk - do - 2-5 mins.
 13 Get Laboratory Report/s Release signed Laboratory Report/s Receiving/Releasing  Clerk - do - 2-5 mins.
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