Issuance of Veterinary Quarantine Clearance (VQC) to Import Exotic Animals

Frontline Service Issuance of Veterinary Quarantine Clearance (VQC) to Import Exotic Animals
Clients: People bringing exotic pets/animals to the Philippines
Requirements: 1. Letter request with the following information (a) species & breed of animal, (b) sex, age and number of animals, (c) expected date of arrival, (d) country of origin, (e) address, phone, email address & contact details of importer
  2. CITES Certificate/clearance
3. Inspection of quarantine site if request is five (5) or more than 5 heads
Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm
Fees: P100.00 for the issuance of VQC and  inspection fee of P150  and P15.00-P25.00 depending on the size of the animal
Total/Maximum Duration of Process: 30 minutes (* 1 day for inspection – inspection has its own process time)
How to Avail of the Service:  


 1  Apply in person        
 2  Present letter of request with the necessary requirements and information or fill up form with necessary information  Give form to fill up  BAI-NVQS  Animal Health Division  (AHD)Building  5 minutes
 3  Submit the properly filled out form  Check if the documents and information are complete  BAI-NVQS  Animal Health Division  (AHD)Building  5 minutes
 4  *Inspection of Quarantine Site, if necessary  Inspection of quarantine site  BAI-NVQS  Animal Health Division  (AHD)Building  
 5  Get Order of Payment  Give client Order of Payment to give to Accounting Section  BAI-NVQS  Animal Health Division  (AHD)Building  2 minutes
 6  Go to Accounting Section to get Order of Payment  Give Order of Payment and instruct client to go to Cashier for payment  Accounting  Research Division (RD) Building  5 minutes
 7  Go to Cashier to pay for the VQC to import  Get payment and give client Official Receipt (OR)  Cashier  Research Division (RD) Building  5 minutes
 8  Go back to AHD Building to present the OR  Get OR and photocopy VQC to import  BAI-NVQS  Animal Health Division  (AHD)Building  15 minutes
 9  Get the original and photocopies of the VQC  for stamping and release  Instruct client to go to Records Section for stamping and release  BAI-NVQS Animal Health Division  (AHD)Building  3 minutes
 10  Go to Records Section with the original and photocopies of the VQC to for stamping and release  Stamp and release the VQC to import  Records Section  Research Division (RD) Building  
 11  Clients leave with the VQC in hand        
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