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Accreditation of Swine Breeder Farm

Frontline Service Accreditation of Swine Breeder Farm
Clients : Swine breeder farms
Requirements:  Duly Accomplished Application Form, Mayor’s Business Permit, ECC (DENR), SEC registration, Farm Layout, Sample Pedigree Record, Sample of Farm Records, Sample of Health Records for Breeder Sold, Sample Result of Performance bai, Certificate of Franchise (if applicable), Certificate of Source of Breeder/Genetic Material, Price List, Identification system, Organizational Profile, Production Flowchart, Operational Manual, Track Record of Farm, Breeding Program
Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm without noon break
Fees : Application Fee  - P500.00
    Accreditation Fee : Renewal Fee:
   Nucleus Farm (Great Grand Parents) P50,000.00    P50,000.00   
 Multiplier Farm (Grand Parents)
 Independent Multiplier Farm
 Franchise Holder of Reputable Hybrid
  Franchise Holder of Accredited Nucleus Farm P25,000.00 P25,000.00
  Renewal of accreditation is every two (2) years
Total Processing Time: 3-6 months   (includes  bidding  process and fabrication of billboards and plaque
How to Avail of the Service:  
 1  Get application form Issue application form and advise client that the application shall  be notarized  LDD-FARS  LDD Bldg. 10 minutes
 2  Fill out  application form and have it notarized        Average is one week since most of the applicants take home the application forms
 3  Submit notarized application and required documents  Receive filled-out application form and documents. Evaluate submitted documents 
Note: In case of deficiency note down the recommendation and return the application to the client.
if okay, prepare order slip for the application fee
 LDD-FARS  LDD Bldg.  20 minutes
 4  Bring to the Accounting Section the order slip and get the order of payment  Issue Order of Payment  Accounting Section  RD Bldg./GF  15 minutes
 5  Proceed to the Cashier’s 
Office and pay application fee
 Receive payment and issue Official Receipt  Cashier’s Office  RD Bldg./GF  10 minutes
 6 Submit proof of payment   Record application and Official Receipt and Schedule farm inspection  LDD-FARS  LDD Bldg.  10 minutes
 7 Wait for the farm inspection   Prepare travel documents  LDD-FARS LDD Bldg.   3 days
 8    Conduct ocular farm Inspection and evaluation  LDD-FARS and TWG of SBFAP  LDD Bldg.

3 – 5 days

 9    Prepare inspection report  SBFAP Inspection Team LDD Bldg.  2 hours
 10  Schedule TWG meeting  SBFAP TWG meeting  LDD FARS  LDD Bldg.  5 – 10 days after the inspection
 11    Evaluation inspection report prepared  SBFAP TWG  LDD Bldg.  2 – 4 hours
 12    Prepare endorsement letter & Certificate of Accreditation for the Director’s approval  LDD-FARS and OD  LDD Bldg. and OD Bldg.  1 day
 13    Record, photo copy and dry seal the approved Certificate of registration  Records Section  RD Bldg.  20 minutes
 14  Follow up after 15 days  Inform the client of the result of the evaluation and advise payment of accreditation fee  LDD FARS  LDD Bldg.  15 minutes

Apply for payment

Issue Oder Slip for the accreditation fee


LDD Bldg.

10 minutes

 16  Receive order slip & proceed to Accounting  Issue order of payment  Accounting  RD G/F

15 minutes

 17 Pay accreditation fee Receive payment & Issue Official Receipt Cashier RD G/F 15 minutes
 18  Submit proof of payments and receive the Certificate of Accreditation  Record the O.R & issue Certificate of Accreditation  LDD FARS  LDD Bldg.  10 minutes
 19    Prepare Purchase Request for billboard and plaque  LDD FARS  LDD Bldg.  20 minutes
 20  Wait for the Billboard And plaque  Process request for the billboard and plaque, including posting, bidding, delivery, inspection and acceptance by end-user  BAC, Procurement, COA & Accounting system  BAC, Procurement,COA, Accounting  3-6 months
 21    Inform applicant to pick up the plaque and/ or billboard for farms within Luzon or to the Manila Office 
If to be delivered, wait for the delivery
 LDD FARS  LDD Bldg.  10 minutes
 22  Receive the billboard and Plaque  Release the billboard and plaque  LDD FARS  LDD Bldg.  30 minutes
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