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Training on Feed Analysis

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Frontline Service Training on Feed Analysis
Clients: Analysts/Chemist of Government and Private Feed Laboratories
Requirements: Letter of Request/Acceptance
Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday to Friday,  8:00AM to 5:00 PM


Complete Proximate Analysis (Crude Protein, Fat, Fiber, Moisture, Ash) 

P 1,800.00

5 days
Protein Analysis P 1,000.00 3 days
Fat Analysis P 1,000.00 2 days
Fiber Analysis P 1,000.00 2 days
Feed Microscopy (Basic) P 1,500.00  5 days 
Urease Activity Test P 1,000.00 2 days 
Calcium & Phosphorus Test P 1,200.00 3 days
Trace Minerals P 1,500.00  3 days  
 Maximum Duration of Process:   1 hour 
 How to Avail of the Service:      
 1  Submit letter of request  Receive and record letter submitted  Receiving Desk  Office of the Director
BAI compd.
 5 mins.
 2  (Client asked to come back on specified date)  Prepare letter of acceptance  Chemical Analysis Section Head  Chemical Analysis Section , Lab. Services Division,     
BAI compd.
 20 mins.
 3  Get letter of acceptance  Issue letter of acceptance duly signed Receiving Desk   -do-  5 mins.
 4  Get Bill of Statement  Issue Bill of Statement  Receiving Desk  -do-  5 mins.
 5  Get Order of Payment  Issue Order of Payment  Accounting Section  Research Division Bldg., G/F, BAI compd.  5 mins.
 6  Pay fee  Issue Official Receipt (OR)  Cashier  -do-  5 mins.
 7 Present OR on first training day Records OR Receiving Desk Chemical Analysis Section, Lab. Services Division, BAI cmpd. 5 mins.
 8   Prepare Certificate of Attendance Receiving Desk -do- 5 mins.
 9 Claim Certificate of Attendance Release Certificate of attendance duly signed Receiving Desk -do- 5 mins.
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